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Review Article on Academic Lab Safety

08 Jan 2020 7:56 AM | Daniel Kümin (Administrator)

Although not directly biosafety related, the review article on academic lab safety published in Nature Chemistry may be of interest. We would like to quote the following paragraph from the article, which, we believe, very nicely summarises challenges also found within our field:

"The benefits of establishing academic lab safety research programmes
would be substantial. Ultimately, the goal would be to decrease the rate and severity of accidents in academic labs, ensure that lab personnel stay safe and healthy, and that equipment, laboratory and buildings are protected. This is also likely to have a spillover effect into industry — better-trained, more safety-conscious students would make better industrial employees. Undoubtedly, there would be financial savings related to the cost of accidents, insurance rates and lawsuits."

For more details, please see the following link.

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